Softer, Cleaner and ECO Conscious

¿Are you thinking of replacing conventional detergents in your home with a biodegradable one? ¿Having doubts that they are just as effective as the other? At Suavito Soaps we solve all these concerns.

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High efficiency | Syhnthetic fibres | Natural fibers

Suavito Ultra Clean

Breathe cleanliness and protect your clothes from stains with Ultra Clean Mild Detergent. Our enhanced formula is made from 100% phosphate-free, biodegradable and environmentally responsible ingredients.

For domestic high efficiency washers:

  • Light soil – 1/3 cup per load
  • Heavy soil – 1/2 cup per load
  • For domestic top loading washers:
  • Light soil – 1/2 cup per load
  • Heavy soil – 3/4 cup per load

Suavito Ultra Soft

¿Have you felt discomfort when dressing because of the roughness of the fabrics after washing them? This product is for you. Feel the softness all day in your clothes with the Suavito Ultra Soft Fabric Softener. Our high quality liquid is designed to soften and remove static cling from all fabrics.

Liquid Fabric Softener can be added manually or with automatic dispensing equipment at the last rinse cycle.

  • When used in commercial applications, use 1 – 3 oz. per 50 lb. of laundry.
  • When used in household top load machines, add 1 oz to rinse cycle.

$20 CAD

High efficiency | Synthetic fibres | Natural fibers

Suavito Dish Soap

$25 CAD

High efficiency | Syhnthetic fibres | Natural fibers

Suavito Dish Soap

This super concentrated manual dish detergent is loaded with incredible grease cutting power while gentle on the hands. Just a few drops will leave the dishes spotless
  • Add a few drops of detergent directly into warm-hot water for best results. Replenish as necessary.
  • This product may be used with automatic dispensers

$10 CAD​

Scientifically Proven

Suavito Power Enzyme

Thousands of products promise to remove stains, but it becomes quite a challenge when you are faced with a grease stain, blood stains, among others. This powder is a quality laundry detergent specially compounded with proteolytic enzymes for successful removal of protein-based stains like blood, perspiration, meat juices, eggs, etc.
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What Our Clients Say

I loved the Suavito Enzyme, I’ve never had my clothes whiter. They seem as good as new.
Anna Smith
My children suffered from allergies with traditional soaps, with Suavito they did not scratch or blush again. In addition, I do not feel that it has affected the effectiveness in cleaning like other eco soaps.
Prudence Hoffman.
The service is excellent and the products yield almost double. I love that it is concentrated and odorless
Shelby heffernan
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